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We sell books featuring Femme, Queer (LGBTQ+), and people of color. We accept donations that are added to our “Pay What You Want” section.


Our coffee is locally roasted and sustainably sourced. We prioritize roasters who support farmers and organically grown beans.


We believe that the world can benefit from an animal free diet and lifestyle. We refrain from using products and foods sourced from animals.


We are an anti-capitalist space that uses capitalism to support community building and to fight the negative affects of capitalism, white supremacy, and racism.

Who we are

We are a queer lead co-op; employee owned and operated. Our mission is to provide an inclusive space for marginalized people. This includes femme, queer (LGBTQ+), people of color, immigrants, and any other group who are victims to patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, and trans/homophobia.

We make an effort to use capitalism to create a space for community building events and activism to combat the negativity of the current system.

Our goal is to make the space accessible to people of every income. A person with no money can use our “Pay It Forward” board and us magnets purchased by other customers to buy anything in the store. We keep a selection of “Pay What you Want” books which are donated.

10% of our profits go to Trans.formation House. A healing space for homeless transgender people.

Our Community Partners

Our space was built by the community for the community.

We would not exist without donations from the community during our initial indiegogo campaign,

inventory support from Rebel Base Comics and Get Some Game,

and coffee training and support from Trade and Lore and Dilworth Coffee.

Our donuts are provided by Move That Dough Baking Company.

Our weekend vegan brunches are from Shonda Caines (EBN Vegan Cuisine).

We are nothing with out the community who supports us.

Our Co-op

Ashley Jarrett

Ashley is a coffee lover and cosplay enthusiast. She loves making lattes and playing magic the gathering or Pokemon tgc. She identifies as a girl.

Ashley JarrettPronouns: She/Her
Belle Fleur Djävulen Soney

Belle is an comic book expert with a background in activism.  She enjoy’s playing Pokemon and D&D.  She identifies as a space creature and her pronouns are infinity

Belle Fleur Djävulen SoneyPronouns: She/herFacebook
Allie Chudoba
Allie is a queer femme who recently moved from dc. She loves catching Pokémon and playing with her dog.
Allie ChudobaPronouns: She/her
Lara Americo

Lara is a traveler transcending time and space. She feels like America Chavez is basically her life story. She likes to play pokemon and magic decks that make people angry.

Lara AmericoPronouns: She/herWebsite