Comic Girl Coffee Event Policy

Please read through the following info before inquiring to save us all time. If you have any questions feel free to email us at events@comicgirlcoffee.com.

If you are hosting an event please contact us as soon as possible, preferably within 60 days of the event to make sure we can prepare the space and notify staff.

Comic Girl Coffee Event Policies

  • Please use trigger warnings when presenting material that is emotionally triggering. (ie, Trigger warning: suicide, trigger warning: self harm, ect.)

More info about trigger warnings:



  • Our hours are Thursday-Sunday 8am-8pm but we host events 7 days a week with advanced notice. We usually host events 6-9pm but we can also host events during the day.
  • Our event space is shared with our neighbors who are awesome and inviting. We ask that they keep the same safe space standards that we do.
  • Events must end by 9pm unless prior notice has been given by our event team.
  • We are unable to have cover charges at the door or ticket. We can pass a donation jar to attendees. We believe that people should be compensated for their time and energy and do our best to make that possible.
  • We don’t take a percentage from the event but we do encourage event attendees to buy products and drinks from our store to help support the space.
  • We will help promote to the best of our ability through social media and our newsletter but we encourage host to promote within their own platforms and through press releases. We don’t print posters for events but we are happy to put up flyers that are provided by event hosts.
  • Our microphone/pa system is very limited so we encourage hosts to provide their own.